The Portuguese company Grandes Planos, with its seat in Santo Tirso, Portugal, was founded in 2011, with a great plan in mind: revolutionize the market!

We started with advertising, in order to become a communications agency. We always use the most modern marketing tools and adopt innovative procedures to develop the most successful communication plans and branding strategies. We are specialized in, for example, corporate identity, branding, logo design, brand communication, packaging design, web design, among many others. Brand and customer come together when we bond originality, strategic thinking and professionalism.

Later we expanded into a software house, specialized in programming and software development at the highest level: not only do we design, develop and trade software, but also do we guarantee its maintenance and constant updates. We count on the most brilliant national and international masterminds to ensure safe, reliable and high-quality products and / or services, and quickly conquered renowned customers who rely on our work.

Our big plan is now to be among the market leaders and, together with our incessantly growing number of professional co-workers, establish new directions.
Be one step ahead!


We are working on an economically healthy basis and accept the obstacles along the way as they are. New challenges and stumbling blocks are the things which make Grandes Planos grow. Each and every employee experiences constantly an ongoing learning process and is always ready to adapt to new circumstances or challenges. In this sense Grandes Planos stands not only for the maturity of the procedure, but also for the willingness and flexibility to break new ground.

Our employees are aware of this and use their expertise, competence and creativity to overcome every new obstacle. Everyone does their utmost and contributes to mutual success, whether it is in the economically thriving operation or in the dedication to detail in the implementation of orders.

No matter if employees in service, partners, suppliers or customers: working with us should be of mutual benefit.


It all starts with a vision...

Grandes Planos is the epitome of creativity and the desire to achieve great things. We started from very small and are not yet part of the biggest, but we strive for perfection and move step by step towards our goal:

Equate our name with a standard for quality and impression.

Our products are as diverse as our employees and our core business is still the development of individual software solutions. But sophisticated software no longer requires only a functional component in the background, but an attractive and intuitive interface for the user. Whether we use visual components to facilitate the users’ task or to create some incentives for them to channel their actions in a specific direction:

Sophisticated design defines software.

Therefore, we will always have a place for software developers, graphic designers, marketing experts and interaction designers.

We want to be unique, to stand out, to create added value and have satisfied customers. As simple as it may seem, it is probably the only thing which includes correct, economic activity: Being sustainable in all aspects.

Grandes Planos
a plan
one direction

a future
and each one is a part of it

... It all starts with a vision

and it needs a plan. The greater the vision, the greater the plan.

Grandes Planos Planning the future